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Brings Web-Like self-service functionality to your iSeries. No more late night or weekend calls to reset profiles and passwords. Saves users and managers time and money without sacrificing complete control.
  • Users reset expired passwords after answering Challenge Questions
  • Users can enable their disabled profiles
  • Users can see system password rules with our CHGPWD replacement
  • System managers maintain control with a log of all user activity
iSecure Screen Shots
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Harness the potential and replace that boring standard iSeries sign on screen with a dynamic bulletin board. Use our Sign-On screen to communicate with all your users immediately.
  • Post flashing messages
  • Create color bulletin boards ~ 20 ready-made designs included
  • Enjoy automatic daily greetings with a variety of themes
  • Preschedule various screens for different days
  • Display unique screens in multiple subsystems
  • Target specific users with your information
  • Alert signed off users to your messages
  • Use 128 byte passwords ~ SOX compliant
  • Show system date and time
  • Alter standard field names ~ bilingual uses
  • Share news of company schedules, goals, celebrations, events
Daily Greeting Databases
Sign-On Screen Shots
Extensive Feature List

About As/Sure Software

Since 1994 my team and I have been providing the iSeries community with practical, easy-to-use software. Hi, I'm Kristine Barnes, owner of AS/SURE. Since my name is on the line, I promise that you'll receive quality products and personal customer service. Feel free to contact me any time at kristine@as-sure.com or 919-467-2484.

Sign-On was developed to grab the potential of a screen that most users see every day. Why not keep everyone informed in a colorful way? The automatic daily greetings, which include trivia question sets, add a little fun to the work day and cause users to take time to read the daily screens. Your messages will get read too.

iSecure helps relieve headaches! Whether you are the user who is locked out of the system, or the person who has to take the HELP! calls at all hours, you will be delighted with this program.

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