This page should guide you through the process of downloading and installing AS/SURE software. iSecure is used in this illustration, Sign-On works the same.

download software from internet

Click the download icon to begin the transfer of software to your PC. If you have a pop-up blocker you may have to disable that.

CLICK SAVE in this window.

Put the save file in your TEMP folder (or some place you can find it). CLICK SAVE.

When the download is complete CLICK CLOSE.

create a save file on your iseries

First create a save file on your iseries to receive the save file from the Internet.

ftp the save file to the iseries

Go to Start then RUN on your PC desktop.

Key FTP followed by your iSeries name or IP address.

Key the items in the red boxes to FTP the software to your iSeries.

Your software is now on your iSeries in its Save File. Restore the save file then refer to your user manual.