Since 1994 Sign-On has been replacing the standard iSeries sign on screen and enhancing the functionality of an otherwise limited iSeries resource. Sign-On works with all models of iSeries and all terminals, PCs and RF devices. It does not require a programmer, or compiles, to make changes effective. Installation is an easy Load-Run procedure that takes only minutes.

Read on to learn how to enhance the performance of your iSeries and increase its efficiency. If you are the one responsible for your iSeries, check out the sections on Sign-On from managerial and technical perspectives.

Sign-On extensive Feature List

Ease of Use - Sign-On means no programming. It is designed to used by people with no technical knowledge of the iSeries.

Multiple Screens - Sign-On allows you to display 5 different Sign-On screens, plus an RF Sign-On screen. Create separate and unique screens for dial-in users, customers, other companies, various departments...for with whomever you need to communicate.

Screen Catalog -  Sign-On comes with a catalog of over 20 different pre-built screens which you may customize or use as is. You may add as many screens as you like for use now or later. Screen displays can be prescheduled to appear on a particuler date. This requies NO PROGRAMMING.

Reach Everyone - Now you can send messages even to those devices that are signed off. Terminals sitting idle with the Sign-On screen will get an audible notification as the latest message arrives.

Company Name - Personalize your Sign-On screen with the name of your company or organization.

Emergency Messages - Use the special area to key messages which will appear RED on color displays and will blink on monochrome displays. This really draws attention to your message!

Bulletin Board - Sign-On provides 12 lines for you to post messages to your users. It's easy to keep everyone up to date regarding company meetings, co-workers' birthdays, holiday happenings, schedule changes - anything you need your people to know NOW!

Daily Greetings - Every Sign-On package includes a FREE Motivation Greetings database. These greetings appear on the last four lines of your Sign-On screen and can be set to change automatically each day. There are numerous other greetings sets available, such as Famous Birthdays, On This Day in History, Sports, Bread of Life, and Trivia Questions & Answers. You can use any or all databases any time you choose.

System Date - Choose to display the system date on your Sign-On screen.

System Time - Choose to show the system time on the Sign-On screen.

Hide Unused Fields - Although Sign-On still displays the ten basic sign on fields, you can 'erase' fields your users don't need to see. Help prevent errors by hiding fields such as "Program/procedure" "Menu" or "Current Library" if your users do not have to enter data into these fields.

Change Field Names - In addition to hiding unused fields, you may tailor the names on your screen to better fit your users' needs. For example, change "Password" to read "Key Password" or change "System" to read "iSeries". This is also handy for bilingual system situations.

COLOR - Sign-On helps you to put a little color in your users' lives. Go crazy and display your information in rainbow hues, with Underlines, Highlights, and Reverse Images. Be creative!!

Company Logos - Discover artistic talents you didn't know you had as you create an image of your company logo on the Sign-On display. We're here to help if you need it and can even create your image for you through our Logo Service.

Automatic Sign-On - For those Personal Computers which sign on automatically, Sign-On provides a banner screen to display the same information as the other users see. This way even those people who don't normally see a Sign-On screen will not miss out on important announcemnts.

Sign-On Advantages

Runs on All iSeries Models Sign-On will run on all models of the iSeries and on any system with OS/500 V5R2M0 or higher. If you're not sure what you have on your iSeries, give us a call. We will help you determine that over the phone in one minute!

No Programming Sign-On is intended to be used by the Non-Programmer. Its functions are designed to make even a non-technical person feel like a saavy technician.

No Compiles Sign-On requires no compiling. The changes you make are driven by databases and soft commands; all will take effect immediately.

No Retraining Necessary The AS/SURE Sign-On screen does not require any changes to the keystrokes a user normally needs to sign on to the iSeries. Pre-programmed procedures on terminals and PCs continue to work as before. The fields used to sign on are in slightly different locations on the screen but operate the same way as on the standard signon screen.

For PCs which sign on the iSeries automatically (the users do not key in a user profile or password), you can still show the Sign-On screen information.

If you have special devices or programs which require the standard IBM sign on screen, call AS/SURE and we will help you with ideas for running both the generic IBM and the AS/SURE Sign-On screens.

Enhanced Performance AS/SURE's Sign-On screen is a great deal more interesting to users than the standard display. Because it is always changing, users will get into the habit of reading the Sign-On screen whenever they sign on or off. Your iSeries terminals will become more important as visible and dynamic tools for dispersing information within your company.

Greater Efficiency As you know, just clicking off a signed on device or leaving a device up but inactive for long periods of time uses iSeries resources unnecessarily. As your users get accustomed to Sign-On, they will not only read the screens more frequently but will be more likely to terminate use properly, out of curiosity .... what will they see next??? And because they are reading the screens, it will be easier to pass important information on to all users in a timely manner.

Morale boosters The greetings databases work as morale boosters by providing a bit of levity in the daily routine. The greetings include information which is inspirational, thought provoking, informative, and simply amusing. Greetings databases were designed to provide material that is of interest to all your users. Purchasing this product shows your concern for your employees.

Sign-On Manager's Perspective As the person responsible for the care and feeding of Sign-On, your duties are simple and straightforward. Originally, you may be the one to install the program. Thereafter, you will handle maintenance, at your discretion, of the informational areas of Sign-On. All maintenance functions are provided as menu options. Your duties may include:

1) Assigning the Sign-On program to your subsystem(s).

2) Using the 'emergency shout' area to send critical messages to all users immediately. Sign-On provides a way to send your messages instantly to users who are currently signed on and even to those who are signed OFF!!

3) Using the bulletin board area to post important news for everyone. The more frequently you update this area, the more likely your users are to notice the new information. You can announce:* Employee birthdays/anniversaries * New babies * Company meetings/picnics * Company sales records * Production goals * Employee awards * New employees * Company holidays * Quality achievements * Community events * Company ball team games/scores * End of month schedules * System shut down times * New office openings * Salesperson of the month

4) Changing the database greetings. Greetings are intended to be changed daily (each database holds enough entries for a year of daily greetings). If you do this manually, we suggest you change the message at the end of each day so users can look forward to a new greeting when they return to work. This function will not be necessary if you have a Job Scheduler -OR- if you have made this an Auto-Start job.

Sign-On Technical Perspective. How does Sign-On work? IBM allows users to define signon screens for use on the iSeries. However, the IBM screen does not change or allow you to communicate with your users as Sign-On does. AS/SURE's Sign-On screens offer many valuable new features. On the iSeries, interactive jobs, whether on terminals or PCs, run in "subsystems". Sign-On goes out to these subsystem(s) and tells the iSeries to use a Sign-On screen from the SO@LIB50 in place of the signon screen normally used. This is done by changing the SGNDSPF subsystem description parameter. AS/SURE's Sign-On then gives you the ability to run up to five (5) different screens in as many subsystems as you like. This allows you to create unique screens for various users, such as those people who Dial-in to the iSeries.