Upgrade your user support with self-service User Profile and Password resets. Provide web-like security features on your iSeries. Prevent those late night and weekend calls to reset profiles and passwords! Cut down on lost productivity and wasted money by eliminating many of those Help Desk calls.  Lou Gartner reports that password-reset costs can range from $51 to $147+ for each call and comprise over 33% of Help Desk call volume. iSecure will save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity the first year.

isecure extensive Feature List

  • Easy to use Administrator Menu provided
  • QSECOFR determines functions available to users
  • Administrators have easy access to security System Values on one screen
  • CHGPWD replacement displays password rules to user
  • All actions within iSecure are logged for viewing
  • Users establish Challenge Questions to provide secure access
  • Challenge Question data is stored encrypted
  • Users can enable disabled User Profiles
  • iSecure commands provided for easy addition to your menu
New in Release 5.7
  • A new menu selection has been added to the Administration Menu. Option 6 now displays a list of Users and indicates users who have set up their Challenge Question and Users who have not.
  • In the Set Up option you can now disallow Users keying their own Challenge Question.
  • In the Set Up option you can now limit the number of Challenge Questions displayed to the user. Options are 1-9 questions.
  • The System Administrator may now change the preloaded Challenge Questions to any questions you would like.