Thank you for visiting our gallery. Below are the actual iSecure screens. Notice how this software improves the usabilty and management of your iSeries.

screens for users

Users set up their personal challenge question. iSecure will provide the questions or users can  create their own. Questions and answers are stored encrypted.

When users enter the iSecure replacement CHGPWD, they see all the password rules set up in the system values. No more phone calls to ask about rules!

screens for administRators

As Adminstrator, someone with QSECOFR authority, you determine the features of iSecure that are available on your system.

iSecure also provides you with one place to maintain your System Values for passwords. No more browsing through all the System Values to determine those you need to change.

All actions are logged

Every action in iSecure is logged so you have an iron-clad audit trail of everything everybody did in iSecure. Passwords are not recorded in our log.